In Due Time Small Majicks Snippet

Welcome Science Fiction Romance Brigade Fans! This is my first snippet in quite some time, and the first from my NaNovel Small Majicks. I’ve skipped an entire scene so I can introduce you all to Wenrys, my hero. *g*

Halfway across the ocean, a storm had risen, and the resulting wind howled through the rigging of a dirigible. Wenrys Gaval gripped the wheel as it strained against his grip, his feet planted wide and sweat slicking his back. Another blast ripped the wood from his hands. The aircraft slew sideways across the snow-filled sky.

Wenrys swore. He wrenched the wheel back, correcting his course. Snow flurried white, blinding his vision. All he had to go on was his compass. He really hoped the setting he’d taken just before the storm hit had been true. Otherwise he’d be in a great deal of trouble. He was already in fairly dire straits. His dirigible was riding the edge of the storm. If it overtook him…

Cold burned around his left wrist as he accessed his limited magic to push the engine harder. The reminder did not improve his mood any. He glowered at the seemingly innocuous bangle and cursed those who’d placed it on him. Their day of reckoning would come in due time. He would be free.