Coming Soon – TIN CAT

Yesterday I decided I wanted to reanimate my mostly dead writing career, starting with my most popular novella TIN CAT.

Miracle Max from The Princess Bride saying "Mostly dead is slightly alive."

I didn’t have a digital copy of any file. I’m fairly sure that’s an authorial sin of some kind. I’ve plans to get a SSD and, you know, keep doc files and PDFs. But I digress.

Pippa had a copy and emailed it to me. We weren’t sure if there was a DRM on it, but it went through Calibre fine. So I now have a Word doc, cleaned up and almost ready to go. I’ve emailed Champagne – who were the original publishers – about the cover. In the meantime, I found the original stock photo, so I can recreate a similar cover if push comes to shove.

I’m not sure when I’ll be hitting “publish”, but it could be as soon as December.

Author: Misa

Misa Buckley writes what she describes as "weird and sexy" fiction. She is indie press and self published, with a couple of awards to her name.

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